"I love the concept [of Acolyte]! [Dug Steen] is awesome and kinda nuts in a really good way!"

-- Stella, AppAdvice.com

Published Games

Flip Out
Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children's Product
Creative Child Magazine's Seal of Excellence
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award
Major Fun Award
Parents' Choice Gold
Tillywig Top Fun Award
Dan Weaver, Crooked Smiles
Originally published as "PatchWork" by KnightWeaver Games, this great family card game was snapped up by Gamewright and published in 2009 under the title "Flip Out". In this game, players trade colorful, two-sided cards to create sets or steal them from each other. Great fun for any age.
  • Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children's Product, 2009
  • Creative Child Magazine's Seal of Excellence, 2009
  • iParenting Media Award
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award
  • Major Fun Award
  • Parents' Choice Gold
  • National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
  • Tillywig Top Fun Award
  • Parenting Magazine's Toy of the Year, Most Intelligent category

Igor: The Life of the Party Game
Top 5 Family Card Games, Games Magazine
Dug Steen & Nate Beeler, Crooked Smiles
Based on the party game "Mao", Igor is a great little trick-taking game... with a twist! What makes the game tricky are the rule cards, two of which are in play at the start of the game, but they are in play face-down, which means you have to remember what the rules are throughout the hand. At the start of each turn, the dealer can add or remove one rule from play. The player who wins the most tricks in a hand has the same option, so rules are constantly popping in and out of the game. Published by R&R Games.
  • Top 5 Family Card Games, Games Magazine, 2010

Dan Weaver, Crooked Smiles
Originally published by Knightweaver Games as "PatchWord", Flashwordz is an exciting, two-sided word game that delivers double action and lightning-fast fun. Colorful cards have letters and point values on both sides. To start the game, players place six cards on their card racks. Players create words with four or more letters by combining letters from their own card racks with at least one letter from another player’s rack. Sounds easy, but players have to think fast, as the timer only gives you seven seconds. If time runs out, it becomes a “Flash Round” — an exciting free-for-all where anyone can jump in. The first player to shout out a word and grab the Flash Round Token, gets an extra turn to play a word. At the end of the game, players add up their points and subtract any cards remaining in their card racks. Player with most word points wins!

A Fistful of Penguins
Jonathan Franklin
In this quick, engaging dice game, players compete for points by rolling (and re-rolling) special animal dice. In late 2011, Crooked Smiles licensed the electronic rights to "A Fistful of Penguins" from its publisher, Wattsalpoag. We are planning to launch the iPhone version of the game in August, 2012.

Games Under Review

Crooked Smiles Team
Can you make it in the hectic world of Hollywood auditions? In this game of acting and guessing, Directors try to identify the roles played by Actors. Roles are a combination of one action and one adverb, like "Playing baseball suspiciously" or "Bowling a strike backwards". After each player has had a chance to be the Director, the team with the most correct matches wins!

Corner the Market
Dan Weaver, Crooked Smiles
Your heart races as you scan the "pit" for a trade. "Who's looking for pork bellies?! I've got pork bellies for trade!" you bellow. You've got to get rid of this Pork before the market tanks, or you're ruined. What you need is Gold. "Who's hoarding all the Gold!?" Welcome to the cut-throat world of commodity trading. You are a commodity broker, scratching and scrambling to make your millions. Corner the Market is a fast-paced commodity trading game with balanced strategic elements and a simple market system. Imagine Pit on steroids with a brain.

Rumble Riot
Dug Steen, Crooked Smiles
Rumble Riot is a battle to the death among a set of vicious, terrifying combatants: Dragons, Butterflies, Gators and Babies! Rules for movement and capture are checkers-like simple, but there's a twist: players choose moves for all combatants secretly and reveal simultaneously. And when you succeed in capturing an opponent, you lose that movement space. Can you out-guess your opponents? Can you balance your captures? Can YOU survive the Rumble Riot?

Rough Cut
Nate Beeler, Crooked Smiles
Making movies has never been this much fun! In this party game, players create their own nutty films, making up plots, choosing the cast, deciding on the title, and even sketching out a movie poster. Then players act as the Academy, voting on the best piece from each film, and the best film over all. Just don't forget to thank your mother at the ceremony!

Natural Order
Nate Beeler, Crooked Smiles
An arm. A microwave oven. Influenza. Dr Suess. Which is the most sexy? Which is the least inviting? In Natural Order, one player is the Ordermeister and arranges a set of unrelated items into a most-to-least order; the others guess that order. Seems simple? Then you've never had to decide whether an earthquake is more tasty than Monty Python!

Games in Development